As schools are disintermediated—that is, made irrelevant by the wealth of information created by people like you and me without the benefit of a mediating agency—the question we must ask is, “What is our value added as classroom teachers?” It is the response to this question that helps us find our place amidst the wealth of networks and connections.
My keynote presentations and workshops are focused on exploring the landscape of an ever-changing world, engaging my audiences in conversation, and providing a step-by-step guide through the wilderness of the unknown.
Please feel free to send an email when you are interested in having me facilitate a conversation around the following topics!

Available Topics

  1. Building Online Learning Environments: Embracing the Virtual: The power of experience cannot be denied, and learning experiences are increasingly occuring in virtual space. As human beings first, educators, learning to make meaning, connect with others, and collaborate with others in virtual environments can enliven our interactions and broaden our horizons. This keynote will explore the dimensions of virtual environments, and invite educators to come along and enjoy the experience.
  2. The Open Road: Realizing the Power of Free, Open Source Software in K-12 Education: In this hard-hitting, five point presentation, inspiring stories of how free software can be used to solve real problems educators face are shared.
  3. The Future is Unwritten: Disruptive technologies - exemplified by the ability to publish at will in text, audio, video formats or any combination of those - enhance our freedom of speech, freedom to assemble in virtual communities. Social networking tools like MySpace and YouTube grant freedom of speech and assembly to the masses in a way that past wars and social revolutions never could. For this reason, disruptive technologies that connect people to each other are the greatest threat to the powerful who have traditionally controlled the means of publication.Unfortunately, that includes our schools.
  4. Web 2.0 and Transforming How We Communicate, Collaborate, and Educate Globally: This keynote explores the issues regarding how the Read/Write Web (a.k.a. Web 2.0) has transformed how we communicate and collaborate in the “real world” and the potential of how it can in primary and secondary education.
  5. Our Children Walk Alone: As the teaching of digital citizenship and literacy in our schools lags behind the reality of children finding their private spot in virtual spaces, we face incredible challenges. As teachers and administrators, we are called to go out into the unknown, an adventure fraught with uncertainty. As leaders, we need to set aside our fears and be unafraid to walk with our children, to make the connections and collaborations that need to be made. Today, that journey occurs virtual space. While we debate the educational value of technology…our children walk alone.
  6. Embracing Technology for Positive Change: In this session we will explore how to be proactive rather than merely defensive, how to reassure community members without ignoring real dangers, and how to help students make the connections and participate in the collaborations that are crucial to digital citizenship today. “Can we fix it, yes we can!”