The Way It Will Be

Please include your own or another's example of actual classroom based projects that reflect the truth of The Way It Is vs The Way It Will Be. Feel free to include links to photos, videos, wikis, blogs, etc.

The way it is: Teachers tell students what to learn.
The way it wll be: The students' community of peers--connected via IM, blogs, forus, and social networking--identify and pursue their own learning goals.

The way it is: Teachers decide what information to communicate to the Community about their classes.
The way it will be: Students decide what they want to communicate about teaching, learning that occurs via various media outlets (e.g. YouTube).

The way it is: Yearbook information is collected, then printed, bound and distributed to a select audience with copies archived by a select group of individuals.
The way it will be: The yearbook info is collected and made available online with constant updates by those featured in it and updated by everyone.

The way it is: Grade reports are printed and delivered to children's homes via mail.
The way it will be: Grade reports are available for the lifetime of a child, accessible via the Web, and ubiquitous.

The way it is: Breaking news happens in the community, and schools continue on as if nothing had happened, disconnected from the reality of where they are situated.
The way it will be: Breaking news happens in the community, and students, teachers in that community share their multimedia collage of what occurred, along with analyses.

The way it is: We consider politicians/legislators, talk show hosts, corporate CEOs, think tanks experts to be education change agents.
The way it will be: We consider students, teachers to be change agents, politicians, talk show hosts, corporate CEOs, and think tank experts.

The way it is: Schools try to cover everything that children need to survive in the real world, including critical Web 2.0 skills.
The way it will be: Schools only do what children need to thrive in the world, blending the real and the virtual into a seamless, transparent whole.