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Wiki While You Work

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Wikis are incredible tools, whether you are using them a la Web 1.0 to publish information easily, or Web 2.0 to engender conversations and dialogue with others about common projects. In this hands-on session, you will create your own wiki using and request a free education version (without advertisements), quickly add content, and share images. There are many ways to use wikis in the classroom!

Objectives for Today's Session

  1. Set up your own WikiSpaces for Teachers site
  2. Pick a real life wiki use from the choices below (groups of 2-3), take a few minutes to review the wiki, then as a group, respond to 3 questions on the group wiki page.


Supplemental Presentations

Source: Web 2.0 meets Standards (wealth of Wiki-related resources)

Session Outline


Additional Links and Resources

The following video was recorded from a conversation I had with Vicki Davis while I was in New Zealand two years ago. It's amazing how much has happened in Vicki's life since then--she has the blog entries to prove it and travel too!--so I look back on this video as a way to travel back in time to the start of it all.

Sample Lessons/Projects with Wikis

Projects from the InComparable Vicki Davis (CoolCat Teacher)


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