Sample AUPs for Cell Phone Use

McDowell County Schools:
While students may bring cell phones to allow for after-school communication with parents, cell phones will be turned off during the school day. Cell phones may be used for educational purposes under direct supervision after reading and understanding the Acceptable Use Policy. (e.g. calculators, GPS, videotaping).

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Hungary Creek Middle School

Cell Phone Acceptable Use Policy

Students are permitted to bring cell phones to school. We are proud of our Cougars because they have handled this privilege responsibly. However, we would like to clarify our policy each year for our families. The purpose of allowing students to bring cell phones to school is to ensure they are available for after school use only. Students may only use cell phones after school in two situations: (1) in order to call a parent for a ride; and (2) in an emergency situation. However, they should ALWAYS OBTAIN THE PERMISSION OF AN ADULT PRIOR TO USING A CELL PHONE. Please know that we have plenty of phones available for student use in the front office for these same cases, so there is no true need for a child to have a cell phone unless this is a family preference. HCMS is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged cell phones. The following guidelines are provided in order to clarify expectations and provide guidance for appropriate use of cell phones.

  • Cell phones may not be on, visible or used at any time while at the bus stop, on the school bus, or during the school day.
  • Cell phones must remain OFF & in a child’s locker during school hours.
  • If a cell phone rings prior to 3:15 p.m. on school grounds, the phone will be confiscated and returned only to the child’s parent/guardian.
  • Following the final bell at 3:15 p.m., students may not use their phones unless the child has gained permission from the administrator/adult employee on duty first.
  • Students may not use cell phones after school for social reasons.
  • Students may not use cell phones while attending after-school activities (dances, games, intramurals, etc.).
  • Camera, Internet, text messaging, or any other function available on a cell phone is expressly prohibited on school grounds at any time.

Discipline Policy
For students violating the Cell Phone Acceptable Use Policy, the following consequences will apply:

First Offense: warning, confiscation of phone, call home and return of phone to parents
Second Offense: administrative detention, confiscation of phone, call home and return of phone to parents
Third Offense:__ 1 day of Pathways, confiscation of phone, call home and return of phone to parents; student permission to bring a cell phone to school is revoked
  • If a cell phone is used while violating the Student Code of Conduct (i.e. integrity violation, use of camera function or internet function, text messaging, etc.), the administration will apply disciplinary measures on a case-by-case basis.

We thank you in advance for your support in allowing this privilege for our students.