I left this comment in response to Wes Fryer's Chilling the Conversation over at SpeedofCreativity.org...I had fun writing it, and I'm saving it here...

Districts aren't going to like the use of private encryption tools. We are seeing freedom increasingly legislated and controlled, in business as well as schools. I encourage folks to read this Download a la Mode on protecting digital privacy rather than the one you cite (which is an earlier, shorter version) of this longer article:

Also, here's a tutorial for Windows users on how to encrypt their email and files:

While there may be some rationale for protecting secrets in business, we can see that the push for transparency in business is becoming a matter of personal choice, and economic necessity. After all, bloggers may be writing about their business, their work, and yet, to be genuinely understood, appreciated, and worthy of response by others, they must be honest, transparent, and retain their integrity. Imagine that...retain your integrity and call attention to your work, to the benefit of that work, through open, transparent conversations with other people, who happen to be your customers. Wow.

In schools, it's all become a numbers game and as Toby Keith said in a recent CMT interview, the creativity is gone. That's why he decided to start his own recording studio, marketing his own music after the failure of 3 companies that just didn't get it.

As teachers realize that they have to take control of their own learning, they'll leave the institutions we call schools, and find a different way. That's a prediction. The alternative is disillusionment, failure, and lack of societal respect...and a few paltry dollars each month.

Better a fulfilling career working with children in private and/or charter schools where the pay is poor, support is minimal, but you get to teach from the heart and the principal is really there to handle the mundane stuff rather than orchestrate site-based committees without authority, run to central office meetings about how bad things are, and police email, instant messaging, blogging, wikis, audiocasts, social networking, and do paperwork because electronic processing lacks district support in deed, not just word.

If teachers don't stand up and fight for their core values, Schools 2.0 may be a revolution where no one shows up in the public buildings we now meet at...Teaching 2.0 will involve people learning in small groups, apprenticeship model and coffee salon type. The democratization of learning will begin with a general appreciation of how learning failed in the early 21st Century.

With that positive point of view in mind, remember that the power of the Read/Write Web is YOU. Will you hide behind your desk, or step out into the virtual frontier?

If you're ready to step out, drop by...some of us are just around the corner....

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