Digital Learner - Professional Learning Opportunities


Welcome to the Digital Learner page! Below are some workshops I have facilitated, or will facilitate in the near future. I appreciate your interest! If you would like, I would be happy to facilitate a professional learning session for you, either remotely or face to face for a small fee.

Moodle Related Workshops

Administration - Keeping Moodle Going

  1. The Server Side of Moodle Administration: Participants will learn how-to setup a server for Moodle use, discuss best case scenarios and more.
  2. Practical Tips for Moodle Administrators: Participants will learn practical tips for enhancing their Moodle for K-12 district use. This hands-on workshop will involve customization of a Moodle on the administrative side.
  3. 8 Tips to Successful Online Course Facilitation: Participants will learn about and prepare an online Moodle course that encompasses the 8 tips to successful online course facilitation. A sample Moodle course--exemplifying the tips--will be shared with participants.

Teaching & Learning - Using Moodle in the Classroom

  1. Using Moodle to Create Quick, Web-based Surveys: Participants will use the Questionnaire module in Moodle to create web-based surveys. Modification of access permissions, adding questions, and more will be discussed in this session.
  2. Using Moodle and Hot Potatoes to Create Interactive Learning Experiences for Students:
  3. Learning the Moodle Mambo - Constructing Online Learning Environments for K-12 Learners: Participants will be introduced to Moodle and how to best setup a Moodle course for use with students. In this introductory course to facilitating online learning, teachers will 1) learn the nuts and bolts of Moodle, an online course management system; 2) Learn how to engage students with discussions, games, quizzes, movies and podcasts; 3) Use Moodle to put lessons online and grade them from anywhere, anytime; 4) Turn Moodle into your very own one-stop shopping spot for your lessons.
  4. Wikis in Moodle: Participants will have a hands-on introduction to wikis and Moodle, as well as how wikis might be used successfully with students.

Web 2.0/Read-Write Web Related Workshops

  1. Building Your Academic Learning Network: Global Partners Await: Introduce participants to Web 2.0 tools that greatly expand opportunities for professional learning and collaboration. Objectives: 1. Participants will be able to setup free accounts in services mentioned in the title; 2. Participants will be able to subscribe to education blogs and begin constructing their academic learning network.
  2. Digital Citizenship in a Read/Write Web World: Participants will explore issues/scenarios regarding digital citizenship in K-12 settings.
  3. Digital Storytelling with Web-based Tools: Participants will learn the fundamentals of digital storytelling through the use of available tools.
  4. Digital Storytelling with MS PhotoStory: Participants will learn the fundamentals of digital storytelling through the use of MS Photostory.
  5. Digital Storytelling with iMovie: Participants will learn the fundamentals of digital storytelling through the use of iMovie.
  6. GoogleDocs: Creating Web-based Surveys and Collaborative Documents: Participants will learn how to create web-based survey and online documents that facilitate idea sharing and collaboration with other educators and for student projects.
  7. Creating and Sharing Images, Sound and Video for Educational Use: Participants will learn where and how they can find media to embed and use for student engagement in their lessons. Citation guidelines/tools will also be shared.
  8. Grabbing Media Off the Web: Participants will learn how to pull video, audio and other media off the Web, as well as places to share it online for free.
  9. Mobile Podcasting with Audacity Using Free Tools: Participants will learn how other educators are using podcasting to engage students, as well as how to quickly share audio online using mobile phones.
  10. Podcasting with A Computer and Microphone: Podcasting with a computer and a microphone is a relatively inexpensive way to get started. Learn how to use free tools to get the job done. Podcasting provides an engaging way of encouraging students to interact with their content, regardless of the content area or grade level.
  11. Reflections On "Leadership 2.0" in Schools: Participants will reflect and share lessons they have learned throughout the day.
  12. Social Bookmarking - Annotating the Web with Diigo and Delicious: Participants will learn how to keep track of their bookmarks, annotate/highlight web content for easy retrieval and sharing.
  13. Unmasking the Truth about Technology in Schools: Participants will learn how to offer detours to common roadblocks encountered to technology use in school.
  14. Wiki While You Work: Towards Collaborative Learning: Participants will learn how to use wikis to enhance their virtual teaching, learning and/or leading environments using This session can be geared towards administrators.